Social responsibility in Islam occupies a distinctive place that did not appear in Western thought until recently. Islam shaped the common feeling in society and gave social cohesion and social responsibility a religious and devotional rule.
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz urged in his speech to businessmen and the economic meeting by saying:
"You are partners in development, and the state works to support opportunities for the private sector to contribute to the development of the national economy. You are part of the fabric of society that provided you with many facilities and privileges, and many are seen from you ... You have an obligation to contribute to clear initiatives."
Social responsibility is an Islamic, national and moral duty.

Our Message

Raise awareness of social responsibility and work to promote it. By building a national standard, policies and incentives to activate social responsibility programs, removing the confusion between the role of social responsibility, volunteer work and donations.

Our vision

Establishing the infrastructure and enablers for participation through a national strategy for social responsibility to transform companies ’giving from spontaneous work to systematic, sustainable work..and relying on excellence in achievement and professionalism in performance to consolidate the concept of social responsibility and provide advisory and training support, including It embodies the principles and standards of responsibility in its strategies, operations and basic services.


• Providing consulting services.
• Implementing training programs.
• Conducting specialized workshops.
• Organizing forums, events and conferences.
• Establishing the idea of social responsibility between companies and businessmen towards society, away from mere material profit.
• Shedding light on activities through the media role.